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The debut album from Eros And The Eschaton ‘Home Address For Civil War’ is out today via Bar/None. The husband and wife duo (Kate Perdoni and Adam Hawkins) produce a diverse mix of rock and pop songs with a shoegaze sheen, definitely one to check out if you’re a Yo La Tengo fan. Having said that, don’t expect a straight shoegaze/noise pop album.

Eros and the Eschaton – ‘Heaven Inside’

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Lead track ‘Heaven Inside‘ remains a stand out, which was followed by the second single ‘Don’t Look So Sad‘. Album cut ‘Terence McKenna’ is an explosive rocker that hints at the band’s inspiration. The late Terence McKenna became a reknowned figure in counterculture for his work with psychedelics (an author, lecturer and modern day shaman of sorts). You can take a listen to Terence speaking about the meaning of Eros And The Eschaton via Youtube.

Eros And The Eschaton – ‘Don’t Look So Sad’

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But back to the music, ‘Home Address For Civil War’ is great debut (album stream via Prefix). It’s an album that explores all sorts of territory as the North Carolina pair find their feet. Now that Eros And The Eschaton are established, it’ll be really interesting to see where they head next. Pick up the album via Bar/None.

Visit Eros And The Eschaton @ Bar/None @ Bandcamp @ Tumblr @ Facebook.

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