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Elastic Sleep deliver their debut EP ‘Leave You’ this week, six tracks of sublime dream pop with extra bite. It’s not all whimsical vocal harmonies, there’s plenty of darker, heavier moments to enjoy as well. In fact, it’s really a rock record at heart. It arrives following their first single ‘Anywhere‘ and a cover of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘You Only Live Twice‘.

The five-piece from Cork (Ireland) is a collective of talent pooled from local acts including Grave Lanterns, Une Pipe, Great Balloon Race, Superblondes and Terror Pop (among others). So despite the fact that this is a “debut” EP, it comes from experience. But has it paid off?

Lead single (and EP opener) ‘Leave You‘ is an absolute gem, it sums up everything that’s great about this band. There’s strong guy/girl vocals, interesting song writing, big melodies and a contrast between the dream pop styled verses and the crunchier, shoegazey outbursts. It’s Elastic Sleep’s best song to date and a brilliant start to the EP.

‘I Found Love’ instantly takes you somewhere else, it’s tortured and menacing. It’s a surprise that switches up the mood, this time with male vocals at the fore. This is the trend throughout, rock with male vocal lead, then dream pop with female vocal lead. However, the EP works best when these two approaches come together in one song (as in the single). When they’re split, it’s a little less effective. Personally, I found the female fronted moments more compelling.

‘Deep And Blue’ is a real stand out, with it’s windswept atmosphere and icy, suspenseful opening. It builds and breaks with a cacophony of percussion and reverb heavy vocals. It sounds like its coming from the depths of a castle. It has the beautiful female vocals and the male-centric brute force of ‘Tzar Bomba (No More Tears)’, this contrast makes it engrossing. But overall, it’s a fantastic debut offering. The songs ‘Leave You’ and ‘Deep And Blue’ are worth the price of admission alone. ‘Leave You’ is available on 10inch vinyl and digitally through the UK’s Big Tea Records and Fifa Records (Ireland) from April 28.
Elastic Sleep – ‘Leave You’ [EP Stream]

More of Elastic Sleep’s ‘Leave You’ @ Big Tea Records @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.

Elastic Sleep - 'Leave You'
  • 'Leave You' & 'Deep And Blue' Are Amazing
  • Varied styles of Dream Pop and Rock
  • Lacks some cohesion
3.7Overall Score
Reader Rating: (11 Votes)

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