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Free and exclusive – two words that sound great together! In support of Ecovillage‘s forthcoming album ‘With Fragile Wings We Reach The Sun’ the Swedish duo are giving away ‘Orange Sunshine’ (free download) which you won’t find on the LP – out May 6 via Parallax Sounds! The psych meets shoegaze band (Emil Holmström and Peter Wikström) formed in 2006, releasing their debut LP ‘Phoenix Asteroid’ in 2009 via Quince/Darla Records. Since then Ecovillage have been working on the follow up featuring guests including Keith Canisius (Rumskib), Jonas Munk (Manual & Causa Sui), Stine Grove and Garett Pierce (Narnak Records).

Ecovillage – ‘Orange Sunshine’

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Visit Ecovillage @ Soundcloud @ Parallax Sounds @ Facebook.