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Treat yourself to the ambient haze of ‘Dancing With A Ghost’, the first public track from Doorbells forthcoming EP ‘Afterlife’ (available from March 4). It’s the work of Ohio native Nic Berlin, who collaborated with producer Adam Korbesmeyer for the EP. Together they recorded ‘Afterlife’ over ten days in Adam’s studio (Whiteout Audio) in Cleveland. During recording, Nic was going through a break up (always a great songwriting catalyst), he explains it was like “feeling as if you were playing hide and seek. I was writing these songs as a form of closure and didn’t want her to hear or see anything I was working on.  It was bizarre that I had a secret living in my own home, being with someone for so long and not sharing your art or music with them because it would unsettle them in some way, is daunting.” The emotional tone is evident on ‘Dancing With A Ghost’, Nic’s melodies push through the multi-layered texture of the song, somehow remaining delicate and bold at the same time. If you’re a fan of dreamy jangle pop, this is one to check out!

Doorbells – ‘Dancing With A Ghost’ [Premiere]

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