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DIIV have just wrapped up their South American tour (ahead of their Australian tour in February) and marked the occasion with the first public broadcast of ‘Mire (Grant’s Song)’ via Mexico’s Ibero 90.9 FM. It’s the third song we’ve heard from their forthcoming double album ‘Is The Is Are’ (out February 5 via Captured Tracks). The Brooklyn quartet are likely to peak expectations with this song because it subverts their jangly heritage and hits at a harder, heavier future. One that Zachary Cole Smith says defines the 17-track album. Personally, I think it’s the strongest of the three songs so far. Here’s a snippet of what DIIV had to say about it.

As posted on Diivnyc, “…hopefully by now you’ve heard Roi’s song (“Bent”), and now here is Grant’s song (“Mire”). first off, this song was one I really felt connected with the crowds on this past South American tour, in a real, visceral way. but also this is a song which i feel like should help put a lot of what we take from the album and put online before its release in context. it’s so easy to put ‘pop single’ out there, because that’s I guess what people want to hear? and this isn’t really a ‘single’ or anything like that, but i really feel like this song will help make the album make more sense, partially bc it makes more plain the darkness and heaviness that defines a bulk of the album, whether its musical, lyrical, or in some less tangible way relating to events or moments in my life around the album’s genesis. because i guess it kind of hurts me to read over and over reviews of our songs where everything is called ‘reverby, beachy, summery, happy, etc’, where the listener/reviewer can barely listen past our specific sonic palette and hear the actual SONG that is making use of that palette… in short, i feel like this song represents a really important aspect of this album, and to only represent the ‘pop single’ side of it wouldn’t be fair to the album itself.”

DIIV – ‘Mire (Grant’s Song)’

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