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Well that’s a little creepy… we were only talking new Dead Gaze material a week ago and now we have some! Mississippi’s R. Cole Furlow has mangled his voice again, played some trippy keyboards and bent more guitars on ‘It’s Not Real’.

The track will feature on the upcoming Dead Gaze 10″ via Brooklyn’s Group Tightener. It marks the label’s first 10″ and note that the Dead Gaze “pressing is limited to 500 records on translucent orange vinyl” so get clicky people! I imagine there will be a digital/iTunes edition on the way too. There better be, my record player is busted!

Dead Gaze‘s sound on this one is simliar to ‘Fishing With Robert‘ which is a good thing. It’s got a blissed out, psychedelic, feel good vibe that must’ve taken years of drug abuse to attain! Well… that’s pure speculation. Furlow could be a county judge 9-5 for all I know.

1. This Big World
2. It’s Not Real
3. We All Belong To You
4. There’s A Time To Be Stupid
5. Glory Days For Sure

Pickup the new Dead Gaze 10″ here  or Visit Dead Gaze @ Myspace if you dare.