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Any day now Dead Gaze are bound to drop a new single, an album, something new to chew on. At least I really hope so!

Because let’s face it, when it comes to the internet, or communication in general, Dead Gaze aren’t too bothered. Infact, there was very little promotion around the ‘Somewhere Else’ 7″ released earlier in the year which includes the jaunty ‘Fishing With Robert’.

The Mississippi DIY champion Cole Furlow must have a good sense of humour because most of the Dead Gaze releases walk a fine line. ‘Fishing With Robert’ in particular, is like sticking your head in a fish bowl and trying to rock out. Thankfully the result is a gem!

Whilst trudging around the interwebs I came across an earlier video of ‘This Big World’ from a split single, recorded by Newtown Radio which is well worth a look, arguably the recording quality is a little higher than the home studio too…

Download the ‘Somewhere Else’ single from Dead Gaze here or through Atelier Ciseaux / La Station Radar.