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Scottish shoegazers The Cherry Wave have delivered their fuzz filled debut album ‘Avalancher‘! Formed in 2012, the Glasgow foursome released their debut EP ‘Blush’ the following year, leading to live spots alongside Ringo Deathstarr, The Telescopes, Dead Rabbits, The KVB, Nothing and Mode Moderne among others. Last month we heard Avalancher’s lead tune ‘Whitey‘, now it’s time to see how the rest of the LP shapes up.

Despite being recorded at 45 A-Side Recordings by Luigi Pasquini, ‘Avalancher’ still retains the raw, lo-fi approach of their earlier work. The Cherry Wave haven’t opted for a high gloss sound and it suits the live feel of the album. It sounds like an dirty old cassette tape being blasted in a hall!

The Cherry Wave have upped the tempo on ‘Avalancher’, with a punk ethos shining through on tracks like ‘All I Know’, which is a short, supercharged, ear bleeder! The vocals are pretty much buried in reverb and guitars the entire album. This works for the most part, but on songs like ‘Harvest Summers’ there’s not just enough musical hooks to justify it.

It’s a brave record, staunch in avoiding typical “rock” production and delivery. The balance is well achieved on ‘Blissbomb’, an anthem where the melodies don’t need extra highlighting. In contrast, ‘Blinker’ removes much of this contrast, descending into a mid frequency blur.

Closing track ‘Fuzzthrower’ runs close to ten minutes, much of it is dominated by experimental noise (a la My Bloody Valentine’s holocaust) with drum hits peaking out the meters (and your eardrums)! Album highlights ‘All I Know’, ‘Blissbomb’ and ‘Whitey’ make ‘Avalancher’ a must listen for fans of noise and shoegaze. It’s been a long time coming for The Cherry Wave and the four piece have earned their stripes. ‘Avalancher’ is an uncompromising record with ass kicking rockers (flaws n’ all).
The Cherry Wave – ‘Avalancher’ [LP Stream]

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The Cherry Wave - 'Avalancher'
Sound & Production
Reverb Rating
  • Big bold rockers with loads of noise!
  • The highlights 'All I Know', 'Blissbomb' & 'Whitey'
  • Anti-gloss sound for lo-fi lovers
  • Album runs a little short (eight songs)
  • Some songs get lost in the mid-range haze
3.8Overall Score
Reader Rating: (19 Votes)

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