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This week Wichita Recordings give us ‘Sunne’, the latest EP from Cheatahs. The four track release follows their much loved 2014 LP (I couldn’t say enough good things about it), so how does this offering shape up? ‘Sunne’ hangs it’s hat on the commanding ‘Controller’, which is a welcome slice of fresh material from the London-based quartet. Somehow their songwriting continues to become more and more intricate, with so many ideas and sounds packed into three or four minute songs. ‘Controller’ pushes and pulls with a strong vocal melody against a frenetic rhythm section. It breaks free in the mid section with a dirty sounding bass line and sloshy drums, the EP’s highlight.

But the truth is that ‘Sunne’ plays out more like an extended single rather than a bona fide EP, running at just over ten minutes (and with a bonus remix). The title track ‘Sunne’ is an upbeat rocker with a seasick shoegaze feel, it’s an instantly likeable precursor to ‘Controller’ whereas the remaining ‘Campus’ and ‘No Drones’ are less convincing. That said, the ‘Sunne’ EP is what it is, a short stab in the arm of colourful rock n’ roll while we wait for Cheatahs sophomore album. In the meantime British fans can catch them on tour, leading up to their spot at Primavera Sound this May (details).

Visit Cheatahs @ Wichita Recordings @ Facebook.

Cheatahs - 'Sunne' [EP]
  • The stand outs 'Controller' and 'Sunne'
  • Intricate songwriting
  • Short EP (four songs)
3.3Overall Score
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)

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One Response

  1. Sko

    “Controller” is a 5 star instant classic! “Sunne” is pretty nice. The rest of the EP is not really convincing, i agree. Really looking forward to their sophomore release. Debut was stellar! They ARE the best shoegazers around at the moment! Fact!