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Cheatahs debut self-titled album is out this week *cue tears of joy* via Wichita Recordings (CD/LP, iTunes or stream at Pitchfork Advance). Regular readers will know I’ve spammed written a lot about these guys over the past twelve months, so it’s a relief when an album meets high expectations. With the release of the singles ‘The Swan’, ‘Kenworth’, ‘Cut The Grass’ and ‘Get Tight’, a large portion of the record was already available going in, but the remaining album cuts are no less impressive. The London-based rock act previously released the EP’s ‘Coared’ and ‘Sans’ (available as the ‘Extended Plays’ album) but this is a step up. The four piece put more emphasis on vocal harmonies, and aren’t afraid to make dramatic shifts in their sound to keep it fresh. Album cut ‘Leave To Remain’ is an example of this, where you can hear the multiple stomp boxes being kicked on and off.

Cheatahs – ‘Leave To Remain’

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The 90s rock influence is explicit, from the Dinosaur Jr. sounding ‘Northern Exposure’ to the Ride meets MBV feel of ‘Fall’, pretty sure these guys love Swervedriver too! Despite the shoegaze overtones and noisy wash, it’s an upbeat record overall. ‘Cheatahs’ avoids being self-deprecating, it’s got plenty of party pleasers and no doubt is great for the stage.

Cheatahs – ‘IV’

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What began eight years ago between frontman Nathan Hewitt and guitarist James Wignall has matured into a strong creative partnership. The Brits (and a Canadian) started recording in a Cornwall cottage before moving to Dropout studios in Camberwell, and they didn’t leave a stone unturned. I’m not sure where Cheatahs can go from here but I’m glad we’ve got this album. A must listen for rock fans. Enough said, I’ll quit gushing!

Cheatahs – ‘Geographic’ [Live At Dropout]

Visit Cheatahs online @ Wichita Recordings @ Facebook.

Cheatahs - 'Cheatahs'
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