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Bloodhounds On My Trail have delivered their debut EP ‘Escape‘, with a launch show planned for October 24 at Ding Dong Lounge in Melbourne. The four piece emerged from the local shoegaze scene earlier this year, playing their first gig in February before early demos of ‘She’s In My Plans’ and ‘Keep On Calling’ were released. ‘Escape’ was recently tracked at Birdland Studios with engineer Matt Hosking, take a listen to the closing song ‘Silence, It’s Golden’ below. These guys like their reverb, sounds like they’re playing in the next room! It’s a promising start and a welcome addition to an impressive list of Melbourne gazers that includes Lowtide, Luna Ghost, White Walls, Flyying Colours, Lunaire, Miniatures and Sunbeam Sound Machine.

Bloodhounds On My Trail – ‘Silence, It’s Golden’

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