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Perhaps you’re familiar with West Sussex’s muddy shoegazers Bleak House from their dreamy two-track debut ‘Walton Cobbles/ Suki Flood‘ of a few months back. Since then, the band signed with Print Records (defunct), transformed a space in a local industrial estate into a DIY studio fittingly called (wait for it…) ‘Bleak Warehouse‘, and have been finger-bleedingly busy on material for their upcoming debut EP! If blood stained guitars aren’t promise enough of good things to come, take a listen to the latest Bleak House single ‘Sown.’ Their hushed, fuzz-glazed melodies are as lovely as ever with the introduction of Yasmyn Charles for dual vocals. [Yasmyn also covers synth and tambourine duty]. Dan Weller of Bleak House tells us to “expect to hear more of our varied influences on the EP, our pysch side will be shown a bit more, but still heavily shoegaze/dreampop-influenced.” [By Dave Lytton]

Bleak House – ‘Sown’

Visit Bleak House @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.

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