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Here’s our first look at ‘Burn’, the new video from Appendixes. It’s an effortlessly catchy tune, a mix of synth and dream pop that will lodge in your head. *now humming “…please don’t burn my house down”* The Portland-based trio (Eric Sabatino, Beth Ann Morgan and Devin Welch) formed in 2012 after creating David Lynch inspired demos (with the aid of a reel-to-reel). The following year Appendixes gave us ‘Neon Green Fear’, an incredible track (listen here). Fast forward to 2015 and we have the forthcoming EP ‘Everyday Use’ featuring ‘Burn’ and four others. Track & Field are releasing a limited run of cassettes, available from January 24 (pre-order here)! Oregon locals can catch the release show on the same day at The Know with Corey J Brewer and Fog Father (details).

Appendixes – ‘Burn’ [Video Premiere]

Visit Appendixes @ Track & Field @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

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