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ancient babes-what mean expendable-artwork-cover

Time to jump into the colourful world of Ancient Babes, the work of Vancouver’s Sam King. As the presser states, “After completing his PhD in particle physics in April 2014, Ancient Babes is now experiencing an existential crisis and enjoying life to the fullest.” The solo artist has his finger in many pies, from experimental meanderings to chillwave to gazey guitars! His latest tune ‘What Mean Expendable?’ is a combination of all three, it’s unpredictable and somewhat mental. Sadly the competition to win a “free, autographed, semi-nude portrait of Ancient Babes doing what he does best: ¬†kickin’ ass and partyin’ hard all night” is now closed. To ease the pain of missing out on the chance to see Sam’s privates, here’s a free download.

Ancient Babes – ‘What Mean Expendable?’

Visit Ancient Babes @ Bandcamp @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.