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Aerofall delivered their self-titled album this month via Hands And Moment and it’s well worth checking out. The Russian shoegaze outfit already impressed with ‘Alien Dance’ and ‘Fear For Everyone‘, thankfully the rest of the record doesn’t disappoint. The five piece don’t rely on face melting noise or in-your-face vocal melodies. That’s not to say there’s not a little of both, but instead the album is a sum of parts. The key being strong song writing which makes ‘Aerofall’ an effortless sounding record. ¬†Perhaps a few curve balls could have been added to mix it up, but that’s a small complaint. Some select album cuts are available to stream below…

Aerofall – ‘Aerofall’

Visit Aerofall @ Bandcamp @ Hands And Moment @ Facebook.

Aerofall - 'Aerofall'
Sound & Production
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  • Brilliant singles
  • Reverb heavy!
  • Variation
3.8Overall Score
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