Remember earlier in the year I said there was a long term project underway involving some classic tunes? No? Well – ta-dah! This is it, a list of SBWR’s 100 Greatest Shoegaze Albums. I was going to do the whole, countdown thing, gradually posting tracks… but that would be boring. In fact, halfway through I thought, wow, this is pointless… but in Forest Gump fashion, I’d run far enough not to turn back. The point is, its not about deciding what’s best, its about discovering something new (or old, in this case). Throughout the process of compiling the list, many discoveries were made. There’s a bunch of info on how it was put together on the actual webpage here… 100 Greatest Shoegaze Albums.


For more, visit SBWR’s End Of Year Lists here.

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  1. Alpo

    Wow, thanks for taking the time to put out such a great list. Many of these I know, but many I don’t, so thanks for some new stuff to seek and enjoy. Any list with Black Ryder on it is top shelf by me, Thanks!

  2. Dave Brett

    Great list. But I wouldn’t have included Slowdive’s Pygmalion. That wasn’t a shoegaze record. That was more electronic music than shoegaze.

  3. Greg

    Great list, excellent resource! Only regret: Be Forest “Cold” nowhere to be found. *sad face*

  4. saramin

    Pretty good. Please list Mercury Rev’s “Yerself is Steam” which was much more groundbreaking and far more shoegazey an album than “Boces.” Also, why is Seefeel’s “Quique” so low on the list? It’s the logical successor to “Loveless” and should be in the top 10, I’d think. Also please include Television Filmstar’s “Rocket Charms.” Thanks!

  5. Dave

    I keep loving this list. SBWR top 100 shoegaze list is #1 top 100 shoegaze list, no contest.

  6. 33rpmpvc / miret

    Really an impressive list… I have to confess, that I really know just the more outstanding bands of the Top50… but it´s always a pleasure to learn about new stuff…

  7. jonbwilson

    I really wish all of these were available on Spotify, though a surprising number of them are. I couldn’t complete the full playlist :(

  8. Kkjr

    Great list! Sad that you didn’t include Hartfield’s “True Color, True Life”. Amazing shoegaze record from a band from Japan; even better MBV’s Loveless (I think, don’t hate me)

  9. Kevin Mauchan

    House of Love first album? Terry Bickers playing is astonishing and a bit of a template for many of the above.

  10. Tim Lawrence

    Real nice. If you only ever owned these albums, you’d have a pretty snazzy collection.

    There’s a band from Toronto called Sianspheric that would have fit nicely in your list. Check them out. They have a fantastic album called “The Sound of the Colour of the Sun”.

  11. RS

    Great list, indeed! I’d also include some hard-to-find ones like December Sound’s “Silver”, Black Twig’s “Paper Trees” albums, which I play quite a lot!

  12. Bob B.

    Fun list with lots of great music. Just want to give a shout out for Moose who only made the list with one EP but I think they’ve got 4 great LPs. Glad to see Pale Saints listed here as well (love those first two albums). Of newer bands, would have loved to see Sleepover Disaster (especially Hover) on the list.


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