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Youngteam had a big challenge on their hands in recording the follow up to their lauded 2011 debut LP ‘Daydreamer’. That record was a fuzzy feast of guy/girl rock, shoegaze and dream pop, so diverse that it could be stuck on repeat. But instead of trying to do it all over again, the Swedish quartet have re-invented themselves on their second album ‘Fading Into Night’. Gone are the distorted guitars and poppy harmonies in place of a much darker, more psych rock focused sound. The impressive singles ‘Fading Into Night‘ and ‘It’s Getting Dark’ show off how well these changes worked. It’s a more mature set of songs but it’s also less grabbing. The psych swagger begins to wear a little mid way as Youngteam settle into a feel that sounds somewhere between Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spacemen 3. Having said that, the spacious mix and bittersweet vocals are compelling and reach to depths that ‘Daydreamer’ never dared venture. Pick up the full length from March 24 through Northern Star Records (pre-order). Side note, British fans may want to check out the Northern Star Weekender next month with 93millionmilesfromthesun, Youngteam, The Lost Rivers and many more great acts.

Youngteam – ‘Fading Into Night’

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Youngteam - 'Fading Into Night'
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