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Seasoned noise-rock fans should be well familiar with the inventive, dissonant, decade-long career of Washington’s influential Unwound. For neophytes and die-hard completists alike, Numero Group has scrounged together the band’s complete efforts, from re-mastered studio releases to unreleased “material tracked live in a local basement,” for an unrivaled 4-part reissue! The latest release will cover Unwound’s “defining fourth and fifth albums The Future of What and Repetition” on vinyl and digital and rounds out the set with an exclusive LP offer of the live recording ‘6/30/1999: REYKJAVIK, ICELAND,’ which features Unwound “revisit(ing) a few marquee highlights, stretching them out into droney sonatas drenched in feedback” and makes for a great introduction to the acclaimed 90’s trio (stream more). [By Dave Lytton]

Unwound – ‘Reykjavik, Iceland (6/30/1999)’

Visit Unwound @ Numero Group @ Unwoundarchive @ Facebook.

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