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After more than two years of writing and recording, The War On Drugs third album ‘Lost In The Dream’ is released this week via Secretly Canadian. The Philadelphia-based band have already been accused of turning ‘soft rock’ after the brilliant lead single ‘Red Eyes‘ was noted for its similarities to The Boss. If you’re in that camp, the rest of ‘Lost In The Dream’ isn’t going to change your mind, best give it a miss. This is a top shelf collection of songs but it’s likely to divide fans. Primary songwriter Adam Granduciel has evolved since 2011’s ‘Slave Ambient’, and why shouldn’t he? It’s a more settled record, which is surprising given that a relationship breakdown occurred at the outset. That said, there’s still exploratory moments, take the ambient final minutes of ‘Under The Pressure’ or the closing song ‘In Reverse’ (both running at over seven minutes). After repeated listens, ‘Lost In The Dream’ really takes hold, it’s a logical progression after almost a decade of music making. I recommend grabbing a pair of headphones and settling in for a superb late night listening session.

The War On Drugs – ‘Under The Pressure’

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The War On Drugs - 'Lost In The Dream'
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