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static daydream-blue tambourine girl-artwork

Static Daydream returns this month with a trio of noise rocking singles including ‘Nowhere To Hide’, ‘The Only One’ and ‘Blue Tambourine Girl’. It’s the work of Virginia-based solo artist Paul Baker, part of the Skywave alumni together with Oliver Ackermann (of A Place To Bury Strangers) and John Fedowitz (of Ceremony). ‘Blue Tambourine Girl’ is a solid slice of doom rock, with an urgency and sonic squall to propel it! Ironically enough, Static Daydream is a quite achiever. Paul continues to deliver quality songs while writing and recording on his own, head over to Bandcamp for a download. In other news, APTBS are previewing their forthcoming LP on the road and Ceremony’s new EP ‘Birds’ is out May 20 – more on that soon.

Static Daydream – ‘Blue Tambourine Girl’

More Static Daydream @ Soundcloud @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.