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Exciting news from Spectres, the noise rocking foursome will team up with Sonic Cathedral to release their debut LP next year! The first song ‘Sea Of Trees’ has arrived with visuals by Sophie Hoyle. It lulls you into a nice melodic space, then drenches you in experimental noise. The Bristol band are never shy to push the boundaries, making sport of rough edges and invasive distortion! Having jumped on the Spectres bandwagon with 2013’s ‘Hunger‘ EP, I’ve got no doubt the LP will be an engaging and challenging listen.

Spectres – ‘Sea Of Trees’

Upcoming Spectres Shows

October 25 – Simple Things Festival, Bristol
November 10 – NME New Breed Tour, The Louisiana, Bristol
December 6 – Drill Festival, Brighton

Visit Spectres online @ Bandcamp @ Sonic Cathedral @ Facebook.

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