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Smile are all about no frills, traditional songwriting done well. Its simple, straight to the point and causes a feed good, melodic calm. But… there is another side to the self described “evangelical slacker ballads”. That’s the undercurrent of spritual struggle and well, sadness. The playful ‘Sunni Hart’ includes the lyrics “she makes me feel so happy, when I hold her in my arms, she makes me so f**kin’ happy” that drops into the reflective (and very heavy) ‘Jesus Song’ with the call “I followed Jesus but it only made me sad…”.

Smile – ‘Pascoe Vale’

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If you boil it down these are mid to low tempo pop/rock songs performed on guitar, bass and drums. 99% of similiar bands induce such a state of boredom that its hard to indulge in more than a few verses. Smile avoid that and keep the listener close (and I’m not sure how). For that, I tip my hat! This is a great record, especially for kicking back to. The Melbourne-based five piece release their debut album ‘Life Choices‘ on August 23.

Smile – ‘Jesus Song’

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More Smile ‘Life Choices’ @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.