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Nite Fields debut full length ‘Depersonalisation’ is officially released today via felte. The Aussie quartet craft their sound from a combination of experimental post punk, shoegaze and art rock. Sounds a little highbrow right? Not quite, it’s an accessible LP for the most part, but it is unflinchingly dark.  The album arrives following the lead tracks ‘You I Never Knew’ and ‘Winter’s Gone’, with support from The Guardian, Clash, Stereogum, Indie Shuffle, FACT and The 405. After four years in the making, it’s fair to say that it’s a much anticipated release.

Originally from Brisbane, Nite Fields are now split between Sydney and their hometown. As a result, ‘Depersonalisation’ was recorded all over the place, including “garages, bedrooms, borrowed studios, stairwells and a restaurant dining room after hours”. Surprisingly, it still sounds like it was recorded in one space, the band have done a great job with the DIY recording. Not to forget the post production talents of mixer Nigel Lee-Yang (HTRK) and mastering engineer Greg Wadley. The lo-fi grit suits the songwriting, and the electronic parts never poke out from the mix to distract you.

‘Depersonalisation’ is desperately bleak, but beautiful. The deep vocals are delivered with a crooner smoothness that draws the listener into the songs. I suppose that’s what strong singers do *tips hat to Leonard Cohen*. There’s also a distinctly Australian sound to it, like Steve Kilbey fronting The Church in the late 80s. Or perhaps The Go-Betweens or The Triffids? In fact, ‘Depersonalisation’ sounds like an album from another era. If it were released in 1988 would it be a cult classic by now? Quite possibly. I hope listeners will appreciate it as much as I do. Other than the singles, the stand outs ‘Prescription’, ‘Come Down’ and ‘Hell/Happy’ (comparable to The Cure during the ‘Faith’ / ‘Pornography’ era) will take you back for repeated listens.

Nite Fields – ‘Depersonalisation’ [Album Stream]

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Nite Fields - 'Depersonalisation'
  • Beautiful songs
  • Classic sounds re-invented
  • Amazing atmospheric moments
  • Will be too depressing for some
  • There can always be more reverb!
4.0Overall Score
Reader Rating: (5 Votes)