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Mumrunner are back with ‘Shawshank’! It’s a pleasure to present the first public stream of the single, lifted from their forthcoming EP (coming soon from Soliti). The Finnish reverb rockers impressed with last year’s ‘Full Blossom’ EP. It featured ‘Bond’ which was praised by radio and the blogosphere, it lead to the German and Japanese release of the EP and an extensive European tour last fall.

Mumrunner – ‘Shawshank’ [Premiere]

Mumrunner explain the new single; “The soundscape of Shawshank is scaled down slightly and distortion is used more sparingly than before. The song is strongly melodic and there’s a lot of interaction between guitars. Shawshank tells a tragic tale of the way people squander their lives. Everything there is to say has been said and sung at quite an early stage, and after an oppressive standstill, the song increases instrumentally bit by bit towards its massive ending.”

‘Shawshank’ is available from May 9 from all digital outlets.

Visit Mumrunner @ Soliti @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

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