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Medicine have returned with their latest LP ‘Home Everywhere’ and once again upturn our preconceptions! The off-the-wall song writing goes out of its way to avoid any conventional structure or formula, with unpredictable melodies to suck you in. It’s hard to follow on first listen but this is not background music, ‘Home Everywhere’ demands an active listener!

The experimental rock vets blend classic psych rock with dubby noise and off kilter rhythms. It’s a fresh sound that tips it’s hat to the past but still sounds ahead of its time, an impressive effort considering ‘To The Happy Few’ only landed last year. The album is strung together with solid vocal performances, much of the melodies have a 60s pop feel, backed by trippy harmonies to fill out the mix.

There’s so many ideas packed into each song, you’re bound to latch onto something different each spin. It’s like listening to a regular album, an album in reverse and an album played at half speed, all at once. This will be too ambitious for some, where do you draw the line between unique and quirky? The latter half of the record has less twists and tangents, it settles into a welcome groove on ‘It’s All About You’.

After more than twenty years making music, Medicine are still taking risks and indulging in creative twists that make ‘Home Everywhere’ a fearless record. It’s bold and full of character but at times there’s just too much going on. The shoegaze and noise rock label doesn’t apply to this album at all, Medicine have developed their own niche. I’m not sure what substances were used to get there but I want in. Available now via Captured Tracks.

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Medicine - 'Home Everywhere'
  • Ambitious songwriting & sounds
  • Inventive & genre defying
  • Not as cohesive as 'To The Happy Few'
3.7Overall Score
Reader Rating: (6 Votes)