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Vinyl pre-orders for The Laurels upcoming debut ‘Plains’ are available now, shipping August 20 via Rice Is Nice. There’s only 300 – so be snappy (includes immediate 320k download)! The Sydney-based quartet have stepped beyond their shoegazing ‘Mesozoic’ EP, instead opting for a vintage psych sound. Take the album cut ‘Manic Saturday’ as an example.

In a recent interview with The Music The Laurels Piers Cornelius explained, “All of our favourite bands have been really ‘60s-sounding ones with lots of harmonies and sparkly guitar lines. I guess we wanted to make a record that sounded like lots of our favourite records. Because we get called shoegaze, because of how we sound live, lots of people think or assume that all we listen to is shoegaze, but we just wanted to show that if you take away all the live sound layers of feedback and mushed vocals, the songs stand out a bit more when there’s not a wall of sound and there’s some dynamics to them. We wanted to make a record that someone can put on on a Saturday or Sunday and it will actually sound good, rather than all of their housemates wandering out of their rooms and going, ‘Shut up!’”

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Visit The Laurels @ Rice Is Nice / Pre-order ‘Plains’ on vinyl here / Connect @ Facebook.

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