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jetman jet team-rainbow party-artwork-cover

Seattle noisemakers Jetman Jet Team dropped two new releases today! They arrive barely a year after their much loved LP ‘We Will Live The Space Age‘ (Saint Marie Records). A Facebook post states, “Music for the Metabolists” is a collection of experimental tape compositions, meant as a sort of companion to 2013’s ‘We Will Live The Space Age’ exploring the themes of the Japanese futurist architecture collective ‘The Metabolists’.  A very limited cassette run of 100 will be available in 2 weeks time. Order the digital now, or pre-order the cassette. Pictures of the cassette itself will be up in 3 days. ‘Rainbow Party’ is a 2 track EP consisting of the previously released on Neon Sigh track ‘Rainbow Party’ and an unreleased track from the ‘Space Age’ sessions called ‘Tour’ Also contains a 20 minute feedback improv by Brenan and Miguel called ‘Space Walk no. 9′ Art by Matt Smith. Digital only for now. Both releases on Neon Sigh/Saint Marie Records. God Bless the Pizza Pipeline.” Grab ’em at Bandcamp!

Jetman Jet Team – ‘Rainbow Party’

Visit Jetman Jet Team @ Bandcamp @ Neon Sigh @ Saint Marie Records @ Facebook.