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I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with ‘In Heaven’ by Japanese Breakfast. It’s not particularly in tune, and the chorus sounds a little like a TV theme song. Nevertheless, it has an intangible awesomeness that gives me good vibes like drunken karaoke! I shouldn’t jest, because the real meaning behind the song is rather tragic. Front woman Michelle Zauner is singing about the death of her parents, and the arduous task of cleaning out the family home. She’s turned an emotional turn of events into a hopeful song. Trying to cheer herself up perhaps? If you love it like I do, don’t miss ‘Psychopomp’, out April 1 through Yellow K Records.

Japanese Breakfast – ‘In Heaven’

Visit Japanese Breakfast @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

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One Response

  1. Jay

    Can’t believe you posted JB! I love Little Big League so naturally I’m fan of Michelle’s solo project as well