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dragon turtle-distances-artwork

To celebrate the release of Dragon Turtle‘s second album ‘Distances‘, we’re premiering the new single ‘Beard’! If you’re a fan of brooding atmospherics, slow moving soundscapes and loads of reverb then you’re in for a treat. The band is a collaboration between New York’s Brian Lightbody and Pennsylvania’s Tom Asselin (formerly of Strand of Oaks, Lewis & Clarke). ‘Beard’ is a full meal in just one song, a brilliant slow burner. The opening lament winds into an instrumental wash over seven plus minutes. It was inspired by Walt Whitman’s presence in Ric Burns’ New York documentary. Despite the mournful tone, it’s all about the highs of city life.

Dragon Turtle – ‘Beard’ [Premiere]

On another note, last week the ‘Summer Drive’ video dropped over at Pure Volume, it’s a ghostly beauty – check it out below. As the PR states, “it fits somewhere in a scene from a spookier John Hughes film about a teenage drive around town, an aimless escape to the sounds of a Nebraska-era Springsteen guitar meeting a baroque pop version of The Jesus and Mary Chain.” It also reminds me a little of The National, only darker (didn’t think that was possible). ‘Distances’ is available via Oscillating Color from August 12, get in quick for the limited clear vinyl (shop).

Visit Dragon Turtle online @ Oscillating Color @ Facebook.