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Dead Gaze has announced the release of the new LP ‘Brain Holiday’ featuring the single ‘Rowdy Jungle’, out through FatCat Records / Palmist on October 22. This follows the compilation album released earlier in the year (which is great btw)! For ‘Brain Holiday’ leading man R. Cole Furlow had the opportunity to record at Sweet Tea, a big change from the regular DIY approach. Furlow tells FatCat, it’s a “huge million dollar studio with an amazing old Neve console…I wanted everything to kinda be perfect. In my head I was thinking there is no way in the world I will touch another studio like this ever again, so f**k it – let’s make an enormous pop record.” In a way this is Dead Gaze’s proper first album, but that doesn’t pay credit to how much work has been done thus far. I’m pretty sure there’s been at least three or four album’s worth of songs released over the last five years or so. ‘End Of Days, Why Not You?’, ‘Small Lava’ and some other one with a greenish cover!

Dead Gaze – ‘Rowdy Jungle’

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