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As far as Dead Gaze goes, I’m biased. Ever since hearing ‘Fishing With Robert’ a few years back I’ve tried to piece together the Dead Gaze catalogue, and failed. There was an album (of sorts), a few EPs, a single or two, but no definitive collection to dive into. Thankfully FatCat Records have stepped in, on March 25 the ‘Dead Gaze’ LP will be released (pre-order / USA insound) featuring the best bits released on Group Tightener, Fire Talk and Clan Destine plus newbies including the fresh single ‘I Found The Ending‘ (free download via FB) which premiered over at Fader. For the uninitiated, Dead Gaze is the work of Mississippi’s R. Cole Furlow. The songwriter has formed a new quartet, moved house and is apparently ready to rock! Dead Gaze will quickly infect you with a unique junkyard mix of garage rock, punk, lo-fi, shoegaze and psych. Can’t wait.

Dead Gaze – ‘I Found The Ending’

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Visit Dead Gaze @ FatCat Records @ Facebook.

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