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Cloakroom fans won’t be hearing the band’s double LP until 2015 but… there is a fresh 7inch to look forward to. The two track vinyl (out November 17) includes ‘Lossed Over’ and the b-side ‘Dream Warden’ (as premiered by Stereogum). This tune features the vocal talents of Hum’s Matt Talbott, “recorded, mixed and mastered 100% analog at his Illinois-based Earth Analog studio”. Pre-sale is available now via Run For Cover Records. Side note for analog audio nerds, I recently finished reading Greg Milner’s ‘Perfecting Sound Forever’ on holiday – it’ tech heavy (at times) but brilliant and depressing knowing how far fidelity has fallen over the years. Definitely made me re-think recorded music (info at Amazon). The irony is, you’re about to click a 128k mp3 of an analog recording… *facepalm*

Cloakroom – ‘Dream Warden’

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