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‘Collapsing Vapor’ the debut EP from Cheri Cheri Jaguar is out now via Pillow Talk on Bandcamp / iTunes! Last month we heard the propulsive single ‘Walk/Don’t Walk‘ and now it’s time to delve into the six track EP. The French four piece formed in 2012, and teamed up with Haus Of Pins for their first single ‘Jaguar/Ice’ the following year. This time round, Cheri Cheri Jaguar descended on Brooklyn to record at Strange Weather Studio (DIIV, Teen, The Men, Friends). It’s paid off, the production balances well between studio sparkle and the kind of grit you want in a post punk record.

‘Collapsing Vapor’ captures the live energy of the band, it’s immediate and commanding. This is not background music. Songs like ‘Shosho’ have a timeless punk appeal, almost like you’ve heard it before but it still sounds fresh. With a powerful front woman at the fore, Cheri Cheri Jaguar could be seen as France’s answer to Savages. However, there’s also a new wave influence that adds to the depth of the EP, like the soaring vocal melodies of ‘To Darkness’.

This is a brilliant EP for fans of the genre. Best suited to lovers of the Dum Dum Girls, Savages and September Girls. A small criticism I can make is that the songs ‘Spiel 1 & 2’ feel a little tacked on, they’re instrumental filler that’s not really in the spirit of the EP. Having said that, they’re also little moments of respite between the reverb rocking onslaught! Judge for yourself and stream ‘Collapsing Vapor’ below…
Cheri Cheri Jaguar – ‘Collapsing Vapor’ [EP Stream]

Visit Cheri Cheri Jaguar / ‘Collapsing Vapor’ online @ Bandcamp @ iTunes @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.

Cheri Cheri Jaguar – 'Collapsing Vapor'
  • Exciting female fronted post punk!
  • Reverb heavy live sound
  • 'Spiel 1 & 2' sound like filler
3.8Overall Score
Reader Rating: (16 Votes)

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