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John Fedowitz returns with Ceremony‘s latest EP ‘Birds’ (out May 20 via Emerald & Doreen Recordings). It follows last year’s full length ‘Distance‘ and arrives almost a decade after the band first formed in 2005. ‘Birds’ is a fuzz pop feast, full of sonic mayhem. But this time round the dark edges don’t creep in, it’s the happiest sounding Ceremony release I’ve heard. And it’s full of catchy party starters!

The familiar overdriven Ceremony sound will be welcomed by long standing fans, there’s no end to the lo-fi haze! Once again Oliver Ackermann (of A Place To Bury Strangers) jumped on board to master the release. Which is brave of him because on ‘Distance’ Oliver’s noise mangling wasn’t enough. In our interview John joked, “I had to send it back to him two times saying it’s not crazy enough! I called him saying “make it fucked up!!!”. It’s mission accomplished on ‘Birds’, it sounds well fucked up! Like the loudest band ever being blasted from a broken speaker at the back of a hall.

Lead single ‘Until Forever‘ is unrelenting, with a simple melody and punk rock rawness to it. Which would sound great live, the whole EP would. ‘Let Me In’ has a playful bass line beneath the white noise wash, even when played at low volume this one’s an ear bleeder! ‘Deep Breath’ is the most solemn moment and is more in the vein of last year’s LP. Closing track ‘It’s Not You’ is a pitchy affair, a noise rocking monster that descends into feedback and wraps up the EP. If you’re a punk or noise rock fan, ‘Birds’ will flip your eggs, no question. It’s got loads of personality and sonic madness you’re not likely to find elsewhere. It’s going to be way too abrasive for some, but that’s the point, this is built to make your ears ring!
Ceremony – ‘Birds’ [EP Stream]

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Ceremony - 'Birds'
Sound & Production
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  • The happiest Ceremony release yet!
  • No filler
  • It will make your ears bleed
3.7Overall Score
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