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Partisan Records have released a winner in BOBBY‘s self-titled debut album. I hadn’t heard much about them until this release. Which makes sense because they’ve only been around for a year or so, how they managed the album’s depth in such a short amount of time is incredible.

Tom Greenberg assembled the group in Massachusetts, currently touring with seven members. ‘Sore Spores’ is a good example of all the different colours BOBBY has at their disposal. There’s Molly’s gorgeous vocals, Tom’s distinct tone, percussive backing and… a theremin synth for good measure!

Note that the rest of the album doesn’t all sound like ‘Sore Spores’. It’s a little more abstract, experimental and always colourful! Other key tracks are ‘We Saw’ and ‘Shimmychick’ which you can checkout here.

*UPDATE* FREE DOWNLOADBOBBY – ‘Ginger (Water Birth)’
(to download: right click, save Link as)

Thanks to BOBBY, Partisan & Marni for that!
To grab the whole album, visit the store here.

Visit BOBBY online @ Myspace / Partisan Records / iTunes & via Facebook.