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Regular readers may remember Rhys Williams (aka Viscous Liquid) and his 2014 solo EP ‘Songs For Jealous Lovers’? A few years back Rhys teamed up with a friend to begin a new project, the psych outfit Ulrika Spacek. This time last year we shared their first song ‘I Don’t Know’, and this month the Brits delivered their debut album ‘The Album Paranoia’ (with high praise from The Guardian, Q, DIY, Quietus and NME). In other words, humble beginnings have ended in big things! Here’s their latest video ‘Strawberry Glue’ and the second single ‘Beta Male’. Grab ‘The Album Paranoia’ thanks to Tough Love Records (@ Rough Trade).

Ulrika Spacek – ‘Strawberry Glue’ [Video]

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