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The Laurels return with a warbling, space rocking, acid tinged oddity called ‘Reentry’! Since releasing their debut album ‘Plains’ in 2012, the Sydney-based foursome “have not spent the past four years sitting in their lounge room punching cones…” *cough* …instead they’ve kept busy writing and recording their second LP. The Laurels have also recruited Jasper Fenton in the wake of Kate Wilson’s departure. ‘Reentry’ picks from their shoegaze/psych origins but it’s a much more eclectic and adventurous sound than we heard on ‘Plains’, which is no doubt a good thing! ‘Sonicology’ is out October 14 via Rice Is Nice (pre-order). Side note, if you’ve never heard their ‘Mesozoic’ EP (jump on that here)!

The Laurels – ‘Reentry’

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