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Bedroom producer Trevor Powers aka Youth Lagoon releases his debut album ‘The Year Of Hibernation‘ today. After crafting haunting songs like ‘July’ and ‘Montana’ it was a surprise to hear the album cut ‘Afternoon’ which is far more playful. The child-like whistled melody caught me out, especially against the dancey bass drum. Take a listen to Youth Lagoon’s latest below…

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Other new releases…

Since there’s a large amount of music being released today, here’s a reminder of what you can blow your dollar on (in no particular order)…

Sleep ∞ Over – ‘Forever’ LP
Wintercoats – ‘Sketches’ EP
Big Troubles – ‘Romantic Comedy’ LP
Young Man – ‘Ideas Of Distance’ LP
Youth Lagoon – ‘The Year Of Hibernation’ LP
Whirr – ‘June’ EP
Gem Club – ‘Breakers’ LP
Pink Playground – ‘Destination Ecstasy’ EP
The New Division – ‘Shadows’ LP

Pick up Youth Lagoon’s ‘The Year Of Hibernation’ from Fat Possum or visit Youth Lagoon @ Bandcamp for a few freebies!