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I never thought this would happen but it appears that 2011 has marked the return of brass in modern pop music. I know, I feel ill as well. I’m going to point the finger at Lady Gaga for kicking it off on a mainstream scale with a Bruce Springsteen sounding album, complete with saxophone. Ironically enough, all of this comes at the same time as the most famous of rocking Saxophonists Mr. Clarence Clemons (of the E Street Band) sadly passes away.

So what does this have to do with Bon Iver? Well, the finale of his self titled sophmore album continues not only the saxophone trend but ups it into Hall & Oates territory. But, it kinda works in a surprising way. That is until the 80s guitar really kicks in, not forgetting the acommpanying brass. I really wish Vernon had decided to end the song at the 3 minute 30 second mark.

Now that I’ve done my whinging I must admit I hang out for the line ‘I’m not gonna live in the dark no more, it’s not a promise, I’m just gonna call it’. So… hats off to Bon Iver for taking a risk and leaving his acoustic guitar in the cabin.

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