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Headphones. Check. Comfy chair. Check. Mind bending experimental soundscapes courtesy of Hinterlandt. Double check! On September 1, Sydney-based solo artist Jochen Gutsch aka Hinterlandt will release his umpteen studio album ‘Migration Motion Movement’.

The German-Australian muso has an impressive resume of releases (upwards of ten Hinterlandt albums) plus live experience stretching from Sydney to London, Rome to Helsinki, Berlin to Cologne and beyond.

Hinterlandt uses music to communicate abstractions, its a listening experience that will divide the traditionalists and challenge the open minded music fan. This is done by journeying through a swathe of instruments. Hinterlandt produces acoustic sounds together with electronic sweeps, percussion, noise and distortion combined to create a unique soundtrack.

Attempting to record a twenty minute song with so much going on is a tall task. But doing it live with just one person is incredible. That’s serious sampling, cueing and performance ability…and lots of passion! Sydney locals can catch Hinterlandt live with Grun, Hawkmoth and Adam Cole’s Trappist Afterland Band at the Landsdowne on September 1.

The easiest way to grab the ‘Migration Motion Movement’ album is via download at Hinterlandt’s bandcamp page for just $5AUD! Or else visit for more live dates, discography and some live Hinterlandt video goodies.