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Sun Glitters (aka Victor Ferrerira) has released a top shelf mixtape of downbeat electronica and chillwave via French website Das Kuma. I’m no aficionado of the genre, but if you’re after some relaxed ambient tunes to read the paper to, do the dishes, catch the bus… this will help you zone out. The mixtape follow’s Sun Glitters latest EP ‘High’ that was released in January.


Sun Glitters – Das Kuma Mixtape tracklist…

1. This Will Destroy You – Black Dunes (Holy Other’s Woman In The Dunes Mix)
2. Thallus – focus the play
3. Teebs – Moments
4. Shigeto – Winter Thaw
5. Mike Slott – Snow Birds
6. Gold Panda – An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds (DJ-Kicks)
7. Evenings – [II] Leees
8. Jewellers – Forward Life (Patterns Remix)
9. Retral – Found
10. Seefeel – Spangle
11. Balam Acab – Motion
12. Essáy & CoMa – Deceptive
13. Sorrow – Through The Night (Stumbleine Remix)
14. A Dancing Beggar – Returning

Sun Glitters online @ Bandcamp / Visit Das Kuma.

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