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The expansive, cinematic sounds of Glass Vaults return with the release of their ‘Bright’ EP (available now). Based in Wellington, New Zealand and led by Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce, the group have continued to deliver quality recordings since their 2010 ‘Glass‘ EP debut. It’s difficult to pigeon hole these guys as the music crosses borders between dub, electronic, dream pop and post rock. Glass Vaults have a talent for the progressive slow burner that digs into your head, expands, and then leaves you in a profoundly different headspace. The title track (free download) opens with a lush swelling synth before the otherworldly vocals steal the show. As soon as you feel comfortable, a jungle-esque beat hits that flies in the face of predictability.

Glass Vaults – ‘Bright’

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Visit Glass Vaults @ @ Bandcamp @ Facebook.

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