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Canadian producer Drew Harris describes his Germany Germany project as “experimental electrogaze/feel-good hyperpop” (Facebook). I’m not quite sure what that means but I know ‘Apollo’ is a special tune! Last week he posted it on Soundcloud, stating ‘apollo is the first of a collection of songs i’ve been working on for a long time, songs i always planned to finish but was never happy with. i’ve decided that it’s time to publish them and to return to my earlier mindset of diy/lo-fi imperfection.”

Germany Germany – Apollo

[mejsaudio src=]

Visit Germany Germany @ Soundcloud @ Bandcamp @ Tumblr @ Facebook.

Bonus electronic awesomeness…

Rocket Number Nine And Four Tet – ‘Roseland’ (info here)

[mejsaudio src=]
Atoms For Peace – ‘Default’ (info here)

[mejsaudio src=]

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