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While we are no closer to figuring out exactly who is behind No Cermony, we do have a new single titled ‘Wear Me’. The Manchester electronic outfit first hit the googlesphere back in August releasing ‘Hurtlove’. Then a few week’s ago No Ceremony dropped another taster in the shape of a Patrick Wolf remix for ‘Time Of My Life’.

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Just like ‘Hurtlove’, No Ceremony are offering up ‘Wear Me’ as a free download from their official site, here. ‘Wear Me’ is a progressive piece that rises from atmospheric piano chords into ambient dance territory. Just like No Ceremony‘s choice of artwork and design, there’s an apocalyptic feel to both the song and the creepy video (just released today).

No Ceremony favour effect heavy vocals on ‘Wear Me’ and push for a highly textured sound. Many of its parts are repeated samples that evolve and overlap before falling away into the ether. For this reason, I suspect No Ceremony is the work of a sole producer. Someone that’s a little shy in revealing his vocal chords (regardless of style).

However, for the sake of buzz, I’d just as soon make claims that No Ceremony is actually a CIA operative in hiding after uncovering a wicked government secret, forced to hide away in a studio and express himself in the only way he knows how. I could be wrong.

For more information and free downloads visit No Ceremony @