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Balam Acab’s debut album ‘Wander/Wonder’ was only released a week or so ago, already it’s being hailed as the electronic album of the year. Not my words, but an opinion held by many.

Balam Acab is the work of Alec Koone, a 20 year old college student from Pennsylvania who released his first tunes on the ‘Sea Birds’ EP through Tri Angle in August last year. Since then Balam Acab’s music has been thrown in with the growing witch house trend. But the downbeat, creepy, warped vocals that defined the sub-genre have taken a more positive turn on Balam Acab’s new release.

‘Wander/Wonder’ is credited for its warmth and depth despite its indulgence in spacey, electronic textures. ‘Oh, Why?’ (free WAV download here) is one example that switches between classic and contemporary vocal styles, earthy strings give way to modern bass, then the droning synth kicks in. Still, Koone manages to hold it together and make it personal. Even if you’re not a big fan of this style, Balam Acab is a worthwhile listen.

Download ‘Wander/Wonder’ @ Beatport. Balam Acab @ Tri Angle Records / Balam Acab @ Myspace / Facebook.