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Los Angeles quartet Warpaint delivered their second self-titled LP in Australia today (the rest of the world on January 20 via Rough Trade). A lot will be said of this release, it’ll be essential listening for many. Since releasing their debut album ‘Fool’ in 2010 Warpaint have opted against a quick release follow up, instead allowing time to craft an incredible collection of tunes. Its aided by production veteran Flood (Sigur Ros, Nick Cave, Curve, JMC) and Nigel Godrich (Atoms For Peace, Radiohead) behind the mixing desk. The result does sound like a melding of British and American creative muscle, that’s intricate and well polished. Its smart song writing with inventive song structures that avoid sameness. There’s very little not to love, 2014 starts strong.

Warpaint – ‘Feeling Alright’

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Visit Warpaint online @ Rough Trade @ Facebook.

Warpaint - 'Warpaint'
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