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Whirr think you should be listening to Them Are Us Too, and they’ve got a point. The 21-year-old duo (guitarist Cash Askew and singer Kennedy Wenning) hail from California, and released their debut album ‘Remain’ in April (which may have flown under radars, but should be in the spotlight). It’s a near flawless debut, taking influence from 80s synth pop/goth (Depeche Mode, New Order), along with 4AD-era dream pop. Noisey have already made comparisons between Kennedy’s vocals and Elisabeth Fraser’s voice (Cocteau Twins), which is high praise given she’s the queen of ethereal vocals. The lead songs ‘Us Now’ and ‘Eudaemonia’ impress. But for me, the album highlight is ‘The Problem With Redheads’ (which can be streamed over at Spotify). Better still, pick up the vinyl through Dais Records, you’ll be glad you did.

Them Are Us Too – ‘Us Now’

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