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Portico‘, the new mini-LP from The Mary Onettes is available now via Labrador (stream here)! We’re not far into 2014 but this is one of the stand out dream pop EPs of the year. It’s a perfect mix of related styles, there’s a little jangle and synth pop amongst the seven track collection. All with a pop sensibility that the Swedes do like no other. Lead tracks ‘Silence Is A Gun‘ and ‘Naive Dream‘ pointed towards something special and the rest of the EP cuts don’t disappoint. ‘Ritual Mind’ is a beautiful tune with dazzling synth work and guitars interweaving. While ‘Your Place’ sounds like early Wild Nothing, simple but effortlessly catchy. And oddly enough, despite the masses of reverb and melancholy vocals, ‘Portico’ isn’t a downer. The Mary Onettes have written an EP that deserves to be heard, these are brilliantly crafted songs.

The Mary Onettes – ‘Your Place’

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The Mary Onettes - 'Portico'
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