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Interesting tune from Edinburgh courtesy of 23-year-old musician Stefan Noons. The layered sound and vibrato vocals of ‘Signals’ (free download) remind me a little of Active Child. However, I think Stefan’s description is more apt, “This project of mine is super new. I only started a couple of months ago, inspired after finally unpacking the boxes of childhood instruments I had stored away at my parents’ house. This is the result of me rediscovering all of these forgotten toys (collected over the years from car-boot sales, and ebay – I was a real hardware kind of kid.. and still am). My main musical influences are the original 80’s and 90’s dream-pop/shoegaze artists I was brought up with (Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine), but also by the Scottish folk music I was surrounded by growing up…” Hear more of Stefan Noons @ Soundcloud.

Stefan Noons – ‘Signals’

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Visit Stefan Noons @ Soundcloud @ Facebook.

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