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Karen and Ryan Hover (formerly Candy Claws) have rejuvenated themselves as Sound Of Ceres, premiering their forthcoming album ‘Nostalgia For Infinity’ (via Stereogum)! The duo has joined forces with Jacob Graham (The Drums), as well as Robert, Ben and John from Apples In Stereo. The result is an intricate blend of dreamy psych pop and lounge, delivered in polished and relaxed fashion. The record plays out like a summer daydream that at times drifts into dark waters. The record could have benefited from a few added spikes in energy (like the poppy ‘Side A’). Nevertheless, it captures the same otherworldly, enchanted feeling that Candy Claws did, and it’s a perfect place to hang your hat and dwell! Pick up Sound Of Ceres’ ‘Nostalgia For Infinity’ from March 4 through Joyful Noise.

Sound Of Ceres – ‘Nostalgia For Infinity’ [Album Stream]

Visit Sound Of Ceres @ Joyful Noise @ Facebook.

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